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Warranty request

Warranty cases

We provide a full warranty for all the product, but not it’s components. We will change any products and it’s components with defects for free only in case of right care and storage.

1. The problem with the electronics (does not switch on, suddenly stopped to work, the contacts inside burned out).

2. Crack on the glass.

3. The problem with tailcap (the reason why the flashlight stops working).

4. The problem with accessories (break, crack).

Armytek provides free warranty repair for 10 years from the purchase. Warranty doesn't cover damage caused by

  • Improper usage.
  • Attempts to modify or repair the flashlight by nonqualified specialists.
  • Longtime application in chlorinated or polluted water, or other liquids (other than water).
  • High temperatures and chemicals' exposure (including the exposure of liquid from defected batteries).
  • Usage of low-quality batteries.

If you need repair/replacement or have any questions contact us by form below.