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Birthday with Armytek!

It is thanks to you that we are only moving forward, so we believe that your birthday is a holiday for us too. And how can such an event do without gifts? If you are registered on our site, you will receive a guaranteed gift from Armytek on your day. What have we prepare for you? 15 reward points for your account on our web-site....


How to create a gift certificate?

Gift certificate is the best present for flashaholics! The minimum amount of the certificate is 30€. Complete the form on the website . You can add any product. In this case, the total amount for the certificate and the goods is paid. The certificate is...


Pay for purchases with points and save up to 30%!

Now you have a great opportunity to save up to 30% on your purchase, paying for it with points. How to get points? For each order you get points, where, 10€ = 1 point. You make an order for 110€ – you have 11 points for next orders. How to spend your points....


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