18650 Li-Ion unprotected batterie are high-quality batteries with an output voltage of 3.7V and a high capacity will ensure continued and efficient operation of your LED flashlight.

Capacity3200 mAh
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18650 Li-Ion 3500 mAh batteries provide maximal capacity and runtime for high amperage devices. Compatible with most Armytek flashlights.

  • High-quality battery cell with 3.7V output voltage.
  • Without PCB (protection circuit board), for flashlights with built-in battery protection.
  • Flat top battery.
  • Possibility to work even under heavy load. High discharge current rate up to 13A.
  • Safety vent with thermal cut-off protection.
  • No less than 500 charge/discharge cycles.
  • Works for up to 5 years.

Capacity3500 mAh
In stock